Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Tailored to meet your ADA accessibility requirements, our vertical platform lift solutions provide seamless and reliable options for both residential and commercial settings. Whether integrated into new construction or retrofitted into an existing structure, our platform lifts are designed for use both indoors and outdoors, including stadiums and schools, providing a flexible solution to meet your ADA needs.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts by Garaventa

The Garaventa Genesis line of vertical wheelchair lifts are an ideal solution for public buildings. A variety of finishes allows buildings to offer convenient, ADA compliant wheelchair accessibility while matching the aesthetic of the building. The four models included in the Genesis vertical wheelchair platform lift line offer fully enclosed or partial enclosed options.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts by Ascension

Ascension designs and manufactures high quality vertical wheelchair lifts that accommodate a large variety of facilities. Easy-to-use, safe, and durable, Ascension wheelchair lifts allow you to meet your ADA needs while at the same time adding aesthetic value to your building. Ascension ADA lifts come in both permanent and portable models that require no installation pit or entry ramp.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts by Savaria

Savaria offers a wide range of vertical wheelchair lift options for residential and commercial use. Savaria’s safe, secure vertical platform wheelchair lifts can be used inside or outdoors to fit just about any need. A variety of customization options ensures you’ll find exactly the vertical wheelchair lift you need, from fully enclosed lifts to open platforms.